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Dr. Ben Hartwig (Trainer)

During my ten years as a trainer I have never found a better tool for working together than improvisational theater. In our lives we improvise frequently, whenever we juggle a full schedule, whenever our devices don’t do what we want them to do or whenever a new person comes into our lives unexpectedly. In my opinion there are three things which we need to deal with a challenging situation in everyday life or in business:

1. Our state

2. Our impulses

3. Our awareness about 1. and 2.

As a scientist I have spent many years studying genetics and epigenetics to discover how the environment influences the biology of an organism. It is commonly known and accepted that we are more than the product of our genes. With every positive experience and every success we get closer to reaching our full potential. I want to help you and your team achieve more.

Neuroplay trainings have a big advantage compared to other coaching programs. Each Workshop is designed individually, it has a flexible timeframe and you can already see results after as little as one hour. We all improvise in our own lives which makes learning with Neuroplay intuitive. By combining science and theater, Neuroplay works on both our physical and mental state. This motivates us to handle the challenges at work better. You can find further information in the following example of a typical 3 hour workshop:

Workshop – Your IDEA is your DNA (3 hrs)

This three hour workshop is designed to improve creativity and to strengthen group feeling amongst colleagues. In four blocks you will experience a journey through movement, emotions and leadership. These blocks are:

  1. Attention
    • I teach you simple exercises to change your state and increase the amount of information you can grasp at once.
  2. Commitment
    • Together we explore how to be more invested in our work by developing on an idea in collaboration .
  3. Group work
    • All ideas come to life with the help of others. We will work with group dynamics and increase team work.
  4. Trust
    • Faith and desire are major driving forces in the creation process. We will learn to look at stress in a different way and start trusting the process more.

Throughout the workshop, you will be presented results of scientific research done by renowned institutes around the world. By the end of our training you will be equipped with a better way to deal with the ideas of others and to come up with more ideas on your own. I look forward to taking this journey with you.

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